Q: What is an Aggregator?

A: An aggregator is a person or organization that helps create an electricity-buying group. An aggregator may be able to get lower prices or other benefits for the group and its members. Electricity buying groups may consist of existing organizations, or new groups may be formed just to buy electricity for their members. Aggregators may include cities and towns, non-profit organizations and business associations. Aggregators must be registered with the PUC.

Q: What are the price benefits of Aggregation?

A: The most immediate benefits of aggregating loads would be the ability to purchase electricity at lower prices through: Volume discount-electric suppliers usually sell electricity at lower prices to large customers.

Q: Are there other benefits of Aggregation?

A:Yes. As the competitive market evolves, aggregators may be able to secure valuable services, such as energy management services, and energy use analysis. Moreover, some providers will offer other services with electric supply, such as wireless paying, Internet access, banking service, financing, security, insurance, etc.

Q: Are there any special requirements for aggregators?

A: No. Any groups of people can combine their electric load. However, the aggregator must be registered with the PUC before it can help buy energy for a group's members.

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