Q: I called an electric provider, and there are no savings.

A: Although one electric provider's price may not provide you any savings, you may want to continue to shop by contacting other providers. The competitive market may need some time to develop. We encourage you to consider your options. There may be needs and preferences, other than price, that you may want to consider when shopping for a provider since you now have choices.

Q: I called an electric provider from the certified list of REPs and they aren't participating in my area.

A: We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused. The list of providers prepared by the PUC is based on the information provided by the electric providers when they became certified. If an electric provider told us that they planned to serve residential customers, their company information was placed on the list of providers.

Some certified Retail Electric Providers may or may not be active in the market. Because this is a competitive market, providers are free to decide what areas of customers they will serve and when they will enter the market.

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PROVIDER. Take your time, consider what is important to you.

Q: I called an electric provider and they could not quote a price.

A: If a Retail Electric Provider is offering electric service, then they MUST be able to quote a price to customers.

Q: What good is electric competition if there are no savings?

A: Competition in other industries has often brought lower prices and innovative, new products and services. Having more control over your buying decision allows you to buy electricity based on what matters most to you, whether its prices, renewable energy, customer service, or a name you know.

Electric competition should also help the environment because Retail Electric Providers must offer some energy from renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, hydroelectric and biomass, help the environment by producing less pollution.

With a friendly business climate, the Texas power market is one of the most attractive in the country for new investment. Forty-seven new power plants have been built or are being built in Texas since 1995 (that's almost one forth of all power plants being built or planned in the nation.) The properties represent a $3 billion investment in Texas. These plants use cleaner burning natural gas or renewable energy such as wind to produce electricity. These plants provide jobs and sales and tax revenue into local Texas communities.

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