About Texen Power LLC

Texen Power Company, LLC ("Texen") is a company formed to act as an "aggregator" of electric power and to provide other electric  and power services to the general public and to commercial, industrial and governmental entities to reduce the cost of electric power for its clients.

In addition to being registered as an aggregator with the Public Utility Commission of Texas, Texen provides other services to power consumers to reduce the cost of electricity to such consumers. Such services could include an electricity utilization review, purchasing electricity as an agent, meter installation and remote meter reading. Other services Texen provides are energy management to further reduce the client's total usage and cost of energy, voltage upgrades to reduce service charges to the client, self-generation and co-generation applications, custom billing and reporting, and a comprehensive energy utilization analysis.

Potential beneficiaries of Texen's expertise include residential electric power consumers, commercial power consumers, industrial users of power, municipalities, political subdivisions, and political subdivision corporations. In addition,. other potential beneficiaries of the services offered by Texen include non-profit corporations, home owner and neighborhood associations, and business organizations which can offer Texen's services to their members.

Texen is owned and managed by Luis de la Garza. Luis de la Garza's principal duties are legal and regulatory compliance.

Shortly after the passage of Senate Bill 7 bringing deregulation to Texas, a group of successful business people decided the time was right to create a new venture that would focus on aggregation services and energy management. 

After a year of initial planning and market research to establish the probability of success, the group established a Limited Liability Company and the "Texen Power Company" was founded. The founders of this exciting venture are all successful in their own careers or entrepreneurial pursuits. 

Two of the four principals own companies that do business nationwide and all have attained national recognition. Most importantly, all four are committed to serving their communities and are heavily involved in local, state and national community and volunteer organizations.

Luis De La Garza

Texen Power Company has been approved and certified by
The Public Utility Commission of Texas
Certificate # 80008