Electric deregulation in Texas began January 1, 2002 for all consumers. Consumers are now given a choice about which power supplier to use in retail electric competition. If you are not sure whether you have consumer choice, check with your local electric power company or electric coop.

Texen Power Company is registered with the Public Utility Commission of Texas as an "aggregator." Texen will act as an agent for electric power consumers in negotiating a lower electric rate from a supplier of electric power. 

There is real competition among the retail electric providers ("REP's") that serve your community. Texen will contact several REP's on your behalf and advise you on your best choice by comparing prices and contract terms best suited to your account.

In addition, Texen offers other electric power consumption services as further described in the About Us section. To learn more about the Texas Electric Choice program, visit www.powertochoose.org


Texen Power Company has been approved and certified by
The Public Utility Commission of Texas
Certificate # 80008